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Wed Sep 1 02:28:26 UTC 2004

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 05:21:02PM -0400, Smith, Gene wrote:
> Oh, ok. I see. You actually use your own gdb and bdiGDB is just an 
> adaptation layer.

Right. You connect to the debugger via ethernet. You just tell gdb the
debugger's hostname (or IP address).

> fyi, here is the price they quoted me from their US distributor, USI:
> USI07-33103 ABTR BDI2000 & bdiGDB - PPC4xx 		$2,570.00

> USI07-20301K ABTR US Power Supply & Cable Kit
> -AC/DC 5V Power Supply
> -USB to RS-232 Cable
> -Ethernet Cables (Std-YLW & Xover-GRY)			$199.00

The used to sell just the power supply for ~$60. I don't know if they
still do. $130 seems like a lot for a couple ethernet cables and
USB<->RS232 adapter.

> USI07-SPRT-1 ABTR PAP Subscription (GDB/Wind) - 1YR
> -Phone support via The PTR Group - 1YR
> -Extends software updates - 1YR to 2YRS
> -Update Notification - bdiGDB				$395.00

That's not required. It's just an extended support plan.

If you need work with other architectures, the firmware for each one
is around $1000.
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