RTEMS Evaluation CD Available

Till Straumann strauman at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Sep 8 01:07:31 UTC 2004

Here comes a cool thing:

I put together a CD image with a complete, pre-built RTEMS demo system
providing a vxworks'ish look and feel.
You can run RTEMS on any standard PC (>= pentium), a MVME23xx (powerpc), a
Synergy VGM series (powerpc) or an old MVME167 (m68k) board.

The generic system application (GeSys) provides the Cexp shell with a
built-in run-time loader/linker. A complete toolchain and EPICS base
installation for the supported target BSPs (on a linux-x86[RH9] host) is

- boot perbuilt system on a target BSP
- build EPICS or non-EPICS applications as loadable modules
- load your application on the target and run.

The CD contains complete examples, sources and a lot of documentation
in HTML format. Just mount it, read, build, play...

The image is available at

http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~strauman/rtems/cd/index.html  (short description)

Unfortunately, I have not enough space to make the thing available for
on-line browsing.

Have fun
-- Till

BTW: it's not just a toy - the generic system is what we use at
      SPEAR as our hard real-time production platform.

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