cygwin build_alias issue (and a possible workaround...)

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Mon Sep 6 20:27:06 UTC 2004

Scott Newell wrote:
> At 01:18 PM 9/4/2004 , Bogdan Vacaliuc wrote:
>>Um, did anyone notice that the shell used for the configure scripts is
>>/bin/sh?  And on cygwin:
>>[/tmp] ls -al /bin/sh
>>-rwxrwxrwx    1 Administ Users       74240 Jan 27  2004 /bin/sh*
>>[/tmp] ls -al `which bash`
>>-rwxrwxrwx    1 Administ Users      527360 Oct 20  2003 /usr/bin/bash*
>>And a 'man sh' leads on to think that the 'sh' implemented is ash?
>>Just out of crazy curiosity, what happens if you put /bin/sh aside and
>>replace it with bash?  I'll try this now too..
> Mine still fails with the build_alias error after replacing sh with bash.

Did you do something like:

mv /bin/sh /bin/sh.ship
cp /usr/bin/bash /bin/sh

Or did you modify the shell in the 1st line of the configure script?

Hopefully you did the first version.  That is actually a known source
of potential issues on a variety of hosts with deficient /bin/sh.


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