Is there any way to know from where the C++ exception originates ?

Valery Pykhtin pykhtin at
Wed Sep 22 04:58:50 UTC 2004

Hello Bogdan, Angelo, Till,

Thank you for your responce. The way I asked the question was two common but
it was done intentionally, and of course I'm not a big fan of history :), my
problems are in the present time. I supposed there is some common way in C++
to get the stack trace or something... Now I know there is no. Sadly...

If consider more concrete things, I'm interesting in GCC and RTEMS, that is
why I posted the question in this mailing list.

Bogdan thank you for the links, I will surely look through it.

> That's why we were taught 'never user GOTO' in the old days. C++ people
> will probably tell you that you don't _have_ to know and start singing
> 'encapsulation' etc.

Till, did you mean that the correct way to know where the failure occurs is
to translate exceptions throught the levels it passes? By the way thank you
for the recipe of __throw hacking :)

Best regards,

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