Wiki Accounts

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Fri Sep 24 03:47:51 UTC 2004

Ian Caddy wrote:
> hi Joel,
> Are you sure about that, I just tried to login as IanCaddy and it let me 
> and allowed me to edit a page, although I didn't try to save it as I had 
> no useful information to add at the time ;-)
> I thought maybe I was a registered user of the maillist and so got 
> automatic entry to the wiki, but then I tried FredBlogs and I also got 
> edit permission, and I assume there is no Fred Blogs on the mailing list...
> So, it looks like anyone can just makeup a name and edit to their hearts 
> content, which I don't think is a good thing.
Generally a lot of wikis to work like this...

(well the ones I look at anyway)

The general idea being that the easier it is for someone to edit
and/or add stuff the more likely it is for someone to do it.

However, I have noticed that time has to be spent removing spam from the 


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