RFC: Obsoleting or32

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Fri Apr 22 13:15:02 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 06:24 -0500, Joel Sherrill  wrote:
> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> > On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 15:56 +0200, Karel Gardas wrote:
> > 
> >>On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Joel Sherrill <joel at OARcorp.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>>Therefore, unless somebody objects by Sat, Apr. 23, 06:00 CEST (04:00
> >>>>GMT - ca. one week from now), I will go ahead and remove the or32 from
> >>>>RTEMS source-tree.
> >>>
> >>>www.opencores.org is definitely down.  I don't know how long it has
> >>>been down.
> >>
> >>FYI: I've seen this running around January this year.
> > 
> > 
> > What are you referring to their site or the RTEMS or32 port?
> > 
> > There site currently comes up with a page talking about "technical
> > problems, hope to be back soon".
> > 
> > Wrt. the or32 port: IMO, the minimum requirement for a port to stay in
> > RTEMS official source tree is to have a functional toolchain, otherwise
> > it is impossible to maintain these sources.
> Agreed.  And since the OR32 is an open source processor, if the source
> code is unavailable or unsupported, it is the equivalent of the
> manufacturer killing the CPU.

Some updates:
* The or32 also is on the list ("Alan's NEWs") of targets to be removed
in binutils-2.17. So far, I haven't noticed anybody standing up against
this plan.

* Checking opencores.org (meanwhile its up again) indicates that the
latest or32 activities date back 2-3 years, and seem to have dried out
since then.

My conclusion: It's safe to consider this target dead. 
=> Let's remove the or32 from rtems-4.7/rtems-CVS. If somebody wants to
resurrect it, we always can dig it out from CVS.


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