reading file hangs rtems, MMC/SD, ARM debugging

Karel Gardas kgardas at
Mon Aug 1 09:27:48 UTC 2005

Hello Pavle,

I'm just poor beginner, but isn't it possible to let monitor provide GDB 
stubs and run RTEMS on top of it w/o GDB support? At least I hope this is 
possible and if you find if your board is supported by either RedBoot ot 
U-Boot you might have some success with RTEMS debugging.

FYI: I've purchased nice little and cheap ixdp425 (actually 420 in Linksys 
NSLU2) and was quite surprised to see how well this works. Unfortunatelly 
RTEMS is not supported on this board so I'm paying with eCos there...

I'm writting this since I got an impression that your "target" is to debug 
your RTEMS/SMD/MD card support, if this is completely wrong, please excuse 


On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Pavel Pisa wrote:

> Our board is ARM based and I badly lack
> GDB support on RTEMS side for ARM CPUs.
> I have already asked on the list, where I should
> start if I want to include ARM support.
> I have received no reply till now.
> I have already collected code and implemented
> simple ARM GDB stub which runs in my system-less
> board initialization code. It sits on undefined
> instructions exception for breakpoints and on
> FIQ from serial for asynchronous breaks into
> running application. I would be very happy
> to receive some guidance, how to utilize my
> knowledge for RTEMS ARM debugging support.

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