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Could you please add this to the RTEMS Wiki?

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Alan Cudmore wrote:
> RTEMS users:
> I thought I would pass along the release of one of our projects,  since 
> it is RTEMS related. In short the OS Abstraction Layer is a  library 
> that allows a portable embedded application to run on  multiple 
> different OSs, including RTEMS.
> The details are included below, the code is available at: http:// 
> opensource.gsfc.nasa.gov
> Thanks,
> Alan
> ------------------------
> NASA has released version 2.0 of the Operating System Abstraction  Layer 
> (OSAL) Project.  The OSAL provides generic real time operating  system 
> interfaces for the creation of portable real time embedded  
> applications. By using the OSAL interfaces, a portable application  can 
> be re-compiled and run on multiple real time and desktop  operating 
> systems. The OSAL includes a core set of real time  operating system 
> services, a file system abstraction, and port I/O /  memory interfaces.
> Version 2.0 of the Operating System Abstraction Layer provides  
> implementations for vxWorks, RTEMS, Linux/Cygwin, and Mac OS X. The  
> distribution also contains an example application, test programs, API  
> documentation, and a makefile system. New operating systems,  processor 
> architectures, and target boards can be added to the  distribution.
> The first version of the OSAL library is being used on the Solar  
> Dynamics Observatory ( http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov ) where it enables  
> portable flight software to be compiled for the RAD750 Processor  
> running the vxWorks real time operating system and the RH5208  Coldfire 
> processor running the RTEMS real time operating system.  The  OSAL is 
> also used to prototype and develop new flight software on  Linux and Mac 
> OS X desktop computers.
> The OSAL Project ( OSAL ) is open source software developed by NASA  
> Goddard Space Flight Center's Flight Software Branch. It is available  
> at the Goddard Space Flight Center's Open Source Web Site. http:// 
> opensource.gsfc.nasa.gov

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