still problem with new/old interrupts on PowerPC and CVS ?

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Aug 5 03:33:51 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 12:48 -0500, Joel Sherrill  wrote:

> Ralf.. libcpu/irq.h is in the staging area of the build directory but 
> not at the install point:
> $ find build-powerpc-rtems/ -name irq.h
> build-powerpc-rtems/powerpc-rtems4.7/ss555/lib/include/rtems/irq.h
> build-powerpc-rtems/powerpc-rtems4.7/ss555/lib/include/libcpu/irq.h
> build-powerpc-rtems/powerpc-rtems4.7/ss555/lib/include/bsp/irq.h
> $ find /opt/rtems-4.7/powerpc-rtems4.7/ -name irq.h
> /opt/rtems-4.7/powerpc-rtems4.7/ss555/lib/include/rtems/irq.h
> /opt/rtems-4.7/powerpc-rtems4.7/ss555/lib/include/bsp/irq.h
> Do you see what is wrong with the powerpc/libcpu to
> cause this?
Yes, see - It's bugged. A couple of "VAR = VAL" had been used where 
"VAR += VAL" should have been used.

Several other powerpc cpus also should have suffered from this issue.

>  I can send a build log if you need.
I could reproduce the problem and believe to have fixed it in CVS-trunk.


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