rtems api to the TFS filesystem (Ed's Micromonitor)

Siddons, David siddons at bnl.gov
Thu Aug 25 16:29:33 UTC 2005

FYI, The Arcturus bootloader provides an api, implemented for the uC5282 bsp by Eric Norum as a set of system calls in bspstart.c.

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Ed Sutter wrote:
> Joel & all,
> I directly sent Camilo the files to hook up uMon's TFS to RTEMS.
> I'm assuming attachment of a .tgz file to the mail list is a bad thing.

Usually. :)

> Anyway, I need to get off my butt and integrate uMon hookup into RTEMS
> officially.  I have a relatively clean hookup procedure that I use by
> just inserting a few files into the lib/libbsp/shared/ directory, adding
> a call to monConnect() at the top of boot_card() and wrapping the code
> with an #ifdef __UMON__; however I doubt that's the way to officially
> go.

Does it require any files NOT in RTEMS or it's own support to compile?

If so, then it could be treated like other optional pieces that the 
explicit application initialization is required before you get it
linked in.  So the application would call monConnect() rather than
the BSP assuming the user wants it.

I think that libbsp/shared is a good place if it is one or two files or 
libbsp/shared/umon_tfs if it is more.  Then each BSP which supports umon
will have to build it.

When the TFS is initialized how does it appear to the user?

> Assuming this is useful to the RTEMS project in general, are there any
> guidelines on how this is to be done?  

If this is a special environment filesystem, then I think it should be
treated more like a filesystem which is optional based upon BSP.

 > Do other bootloaders typically
> provide an API for use by the application?

Not that I know of.

> If yes, how are they hooked to RTEMS?

Good question. :)

> Ed
>> How can I get access to this? Is it published in RTEMS website?
>> Ed Sutter escribió:
>>> Jonas,
>>> I've got it basically working.  Still very new, but it's certainly
>>> shareable.  Unfortunately I have it at home, so I'll have to get
>>> it to you tomorrow.
>>> Sooner or later I'll do some wiki stuff on it.
>>> Ed
>>> Jonas Moberg wrote:
>>>> Would be interested in the wrapper that was discussed a few weeks 
>>>> ago for
>>>> mounting the TFS file system on rtems.
>>>> Was it ever posted on the list - Can it be shared?
>>>> The Micromonitor is a very helpful piece of code and it makes sense 
>>>> to do
>>>> low-level
>>>> configuration this way (network configuration etc).
>>>> /Jonas Moberg
>>>> Solid Software AB
>>>> Sweden

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