Toolchain advice needed (for nios2 port)

Waschk,Kolja rtems at
Mon Dec 5 16:31:20 UTC 2005

[Altera's changes to newlib]
> One would have to see their newlib's sources, or the diffs of their
> newlib-sources against the corresponding vanilla newlib version to tell
> more about it.

Beside adding nios2-specific subdirectories in libgloss and libc/machine
there are some minor changes to include files and code in libc/reent. All
stdio code has been touched, but only to add a "small stdio" variant with
less functionality. Basically that are #ifdefs around existing code.

> Normally, a newer version of newlib can simply be dropped into the GCC
> source tree, when building GCC, without or with very little effort.

I'll try.

Mr. Kolja Waschk
telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH - Schlueterstrasse 16 - D-20146 Hamburg

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