Toolchain advice needed (for nios2 port)

Waschk,Kolja rtems at
Tue Dec 6 14:30:49 UTC 2005

> > [nios2-specific subdirectories in libgloss]
> RTEMS doesn't use libgloss, so this shouldn't affect RTEMS at all.

> > All stdio code has been touched, but only to add a "small stdio"
> In general, such vendor supplied stdios are neither applicable nor

Well the original stdio code remains in place; the new variant is just
an option, omitting buffering and some functionality.

> > there are some minor changes to include files and code in libc/reent.
> These probably are critical.

So if the libgloss code isn't important and the stdio changes could be
simply ignored, only a few lines remain that have been added / modified in
comparison with newlib-1.12. It looks feasible to carry these changes over
to a newer newlib, heading for a nios2-rtems-gcc.

BTW You were right, the binutils can be compiled OTB as nios2-rtems-*

> Where are their sources and what is their sources' licensing?, user/pwd as explained here:

There is a tar.gz with binutils and gcc sources for "5.1 b0", which lacks
some files in gcc and especially lacks newlib, niosii-gnutools-src-5.1.tgz

Then, there is a larger zip (170MB) with sources for all "5.1 b73",
including gdb etc pp, and cygwin binaries...

Couldn't compile the first due to the missing files, couldn't compile the
latter due to CR/LF, whitespace, permissions stuff (probably zipped within
Windows). Had to diff them and apply the patch to the first; that made
compilation possible (in Linux).

I haven't found any additional licensing notices beside GPL; Copyright
belongs to the author (J. Graham). Haven't contacted him yet about his
thoughts on publishing the changes to the FSF tree.

Hope that tomorrow I'll have some more time to look into it.


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