RTEMS port to Virtex-4/PowerPC

Keith Robertson kjrobert at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Dec 14 15:49:51 UTC 2005

Robert S. Grimes wrote:
> Questions.
> 1. I suppose the processor I start with is libcpu/powerpc/ppc403 - is
> this correct?


> 2. As for the BSP, do I start with libbsp/powerpc/gen405 - is this correct?

I have been using 4.6.x with xilinx's v2Pro/powerpc for almost a year 
now.  AFAIA, from rtems perspective, the v2pro ppc405 and the virtex4 
ppc405 are identical.

The gen405 bsp is the way forward.  There are a few problems with the 
gen405 bsp as described about 6 months ago on the list (see: 
http://www.rtems.com/ml/rtems-users/2005/july/thrd1.html#00000).  But 
once you get it going, it's very stable and runs fine.

I have drivers for several xilinx ip cores that I'm more than happy to 
release under the rtems license (xilinx opb interrupt controller, xilinx 
uart lite, xilinx opb ethernet controller).

I've been planning to integrate these along with some fixes for the 
gen405 bsp for sometime, but had wanted to move them to the 4.7 codebase 
before I did that.  I haven't gotten around to that yet.  If you, or 
anyone else, want the current 4.6.x versions, let me know.

One other thing to be aware of.  The 4.6.x ppc403/gen405 uses the "old 
exception" model on rtems.  Many (most?) other ppc ports have been moved 
to the "new exception" model.  AFAIK (anyone know more/better?) the 4.7 
ppc40x code is also still old exceptions.  When I integrate my drivers 
and gen405 bug fixes, I was also planning on moving ppc403 to new 

> Anyway, I would be happy to share my experiences, time allowing of
> course, and of course any hints or pointers would be greatly
> appreciated!  If others are interested in collaborating, or just want to
> see how it's going, let me know...

I'm very keen to know of any changes in the xilinx/ppc405 area.  I've 
also got reasonable amounts of time and resources to collaborate with 
others on it.



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