Debugging tools

Jay Monkman jtm at
Thu Dec 15 17:00:23 UTC 2005

Sam wrote:
> Hi,
> Could any one please advice some effective debugging tools for RTEMS? I
> want to watch kernel signals generated between parent and child
> processes, share memory data interchange between multi-threads. If there
> is no tools like that, is there any guideline for developing these tools?
> Thank you very much for your attention.

I use an Abatron BDI-2000, which connects to the target via JTAG or BDM. I can't
recommend it enough. Once you get one, and learn a few GDB commands, you'll
wonder how you ever did development without one.

Their website is I don't know who distributes them in
Australia, but in the US, it's Ultimate Solutions -

There was a gdb script that had functions for viewing/decoding RTEMS data
structs. Maybe it's on the wiki?

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