GMS/GPS with RTEMS (former Re: GPRS with RTEMS)?

Jay Monkman jtm at
Sun Dec 18 14:26:28 UTC 2005

Sam wrote:
> Chris Johns wrote:
>> Sam wrote:
>>> Is there any alternative and compatible with RTEMS but cheaper than
>>> XScale? I sitll not quite sure huge benefit that XScale brings in,
>>> any relevant information is welcome.
>> What about this board:
>> It does not have an RTEMS BSP and I do not know how existing RTEMS ARM
>> support fits this processor.
> This board looks well, but as you said, I would expect it also support
> RTEMS. Does anyone know about this compatibility?
> Is there any detail guideline I can follow to build rtems into this
> board or ARMS similar board?

That board is very similar to the CSB336, which does work with RTEMS. The MMC/SD
stuff Pavel Pisa posted about should work with this board.

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