About Multiprocessing

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.com
Tue Dec 20 14:52:25 UTC 2005

We are in fact working on a Leon3/GRLIB port to the ML401 board
(which uses a Virtex4-LX25 fpga). The fpga contains 24,192 LUT
which is enough for two cpus + the usual infra-structure of mem
controllers, irq ctrl, uarts, timers and ethernet MAC. One problem
with this board is that it uses SSRAM and DDR RAM, for which
there are no controller in GRLIB. We hope to have the necessary
controllers available in mid-February.


e.stiebler wrote:
> Jiri Gaisler wrote:
>> four or more leon3 cpus. There are also several dedicated leon2/3
>> development boards available from Pender Electronics (www.pender.ch),
>> including a low-cost spartan3-1500 board which will fit two cpus.
> So, I'm guessing that the ML401 Board (Xilinx) could also support two 
> CPU's ?
> .

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