Quick and dirty web server

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Jan 4 04:33:52 UTC 2005

Paul Whitfield wrote:
> I was wondering if there exists a "quick and dirty" web server for
> rtems.
> Basically we are in the design phase of a product, and we are thinking
> about providing a configuration interface via a very simple web page.
> Has anyone done something similar to this before?
> I am aware of the go-ahead web server, but that really seams like
> over kill for a simple static web page that will basically
> allow a user to enter a few values and maybe display a logo!

I have found the GoAhead web server not hard to use. The ability to add 
ASP functions and variables is a simple coding task and the results are 
nice. For the pages I create a tar file and untar it into the IMFS.

  Chris Johns

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