new arm bsp, nearly ready :)

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Jan 6 23:32:45 UTC 2005

Philippe Simons wrote:
> Ok, i've been working on a new arm bsp for the GP32.
> The GP32 is a handeld gaming console (like a gba) with a Samsung S3C2400
> SoC, 8mb and a SMC drive.
> At its actual state, clock, timer, and console (using LCD) drivers seems
> working fine.
> hello.exe, ticker.exe and some other samples runs just as expected.
> so i'm going to clean my files to release a patch, but where do I sent
> it? and is there some particular file i should join with (like GPL
> license, or i dont know)
> if i took code from other bsp, where should i put credits, etc...

Send a patch against the CVS head to me or file it as a PR.

Make sure that the code is at least GPL+RTEMS exception.  Public
domain or BSD license is OK.  You want to make sure that someone
linking with it is not forced to GPL their application.

Please add some information to the ARM BSPs section of the RTEMS
Wiki.   If there is a simulator for the GP32, please please
include information on getting it and running code on it.

Try to run the tmtests on it as well and capture the results.

That about covers it.  But ask questions.

> Philippe Simons

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