Problem with FAT32 in RTEMS 4.6.2

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Tue Jan 11 17:41:59 UTC 2005

maybe this is partially my fault: When I wrote the format 
functions, I did not expect sector sizes different from 512 byte 
(although this is theoretically legal). 

Hmm, when I have a closer look at your parameters, I would 
decide that this cannot be a FAT32 disk: you have 32768 clusters 
of 32768 bytes. According to the specs, a disk with less than 
65525 (!) clusters must be organized as FAT16.

Try to reduce the cluster size to 16KByte for a test.


> Hello.
> I am having problems to use FAT32 with DOSFS in RTEMS 4.6.2.
> Hardware: ERC32
> Storage Media: Non volantile RAM (Have modified the ramdisk driver to fit my
> system)
> I can mount the file system and everything works fine. When I try to create
> a file I get the error "no space left on device". I use a 1GB device, 4096
> sectorsize and 32Kbyte cluster size.
> When I format the disk FAT16 everything works fine and I can then create
> files and more...
> Does anyone have a suggestion???
> Regards
> Daniel

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