Enrty point in the Task Control Block

Ali Asgar Nasir aliasgar.nasir at patni.com
Mon Jul 4 11:42:16 UTC 2005

Hi everyone...
I have been searching the entry point of a task in the Task Control Block of
Following is the structure  Thread_Start_information which is a member of

typedef struct {
  Thread_Entry         entry_point;      /* starting thread address
  Thread_Start_types   prototype;        /* how task is invoked
  void                *pointer_argument; /* pointer argument
  unsigned32           numeric_argument; /* numeric argument
                                         /* initial execution modes
  boolean              is_preemptible;
  Thread_CPU_budget_algorithms          budget_algorithm;
  Thread_CPU_budget_algorithm_callout   budget_callout;
  unsigned32           isr_level;
  Priority_Control     initial_priority; /* initial priority
  boolean              core_allocated_stack;
  Stack_Control        Initial_stack;    /* stack information
  void                *fp_context;       /* initial FP context area address
  void                *stack;            /* initial stack area address
}   Thread_Start_information;

However on debugging my code i found that the entry point is not stored in
Thread_entry entry_point but is stored in unsigned32
numeric_argument......Can anyone tell me the reason why and also what is
meant by numeric argument...also let me know if there is any documentation
available to describe each member of the TCB.

Ali Asgar

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