Some RTEMS Questions

Doyle, Bryon Thomas (Bryon) bdoyle at
Wed Jul 6 16:13:01 UTC 2005

Hello I am working on a RTEMS port to a CSB472 board along with Ed Sutter. I have a couple questions about RTEMS that are not covered in the documentation. First of all, I have a simple question about what happens to RTEMS after the deletion of the only task. In the process of the port, I have began to run some of the sample code and noticed something strange. After the task is to make a call to delete itself the RTEMS scheduler seems to go haywire, the task scheduler seems to want to execute the deleted task, and keeps trying to switch. This continues for approximately 80 iterations, then a fatal error is generated. I have not made any modifications to the internals of the task scheduler in RTEMS. The question I have is what is the expected behavior of RTEMS following it deleting the only task? Does it go to the Idle task and sit forever? or should it exit gracefully and return control to a monitor running on the board. Thanks a lot and any help appreciated.

Bryon Doyle
Summer Intern, Bell Labs
Lucent Technologies

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