Adding an Ethernet driver

Ian Caddy ianc at
Thu Jul 14 02:03:40 UTC 2005

Hi Bryon,

In the base directory of your BSP, you will need to modify the:

to include the subdirectories that you want to build.  the easiest way 
to work it out is to look in these files for other directories in your 
BSP that are currently being built and make your network directory the 
same.  The other thing to do is look into another BSP that already has a 
network directory in it and examine the files listed above for a comparison.

In our (for autoconf)

# Explicitly list all Makefiles here

In our (for automake)
SUBDIRS = . include start startup clock console timer network i2c wrapup

Also, you will need a file in your network directory.

You will then need to perform a bootstrap, and not being an expert in 
these matters, I remember reading that you can do this from the BSP 
directory, but I have never had success with this, so I:

cd to the root of your source rtems tree and perform the bootstrap from 
there, in my case:

cd /rtems-4.6/

<wait sometime>

It will then complete after walking the source directories.

You should now be ready to go.  I don't think I have missed anything, 
but it has been a while since I have had to do this.


Ian Caddy

Doyle, Bryon Thomas (Bryon) wrote:
> Hello, Continuing with my port of RTEMS to a CSB472, I am in the process of creating an Ethernet driver for use on this board. I have begun writing the driver and I now I have hit a wall. I was wondering how to adjust the config or make command so that RTEMS is rebuilt including networking support and my new driver code. I used the online documentation, but from what I have read so far it only covers writing the driver, and compiling that object file but not how to incorporate it into the RTEMS library.  And simply removing the -- disable networking flag from the call to config does not work. I was wondering what files needed to be changed so that my "network" directory with my driver code is added into the build of RTEMS. Thanks again for any help.
> Bryon Doyle
> Summer Intern, Bell Labs
> Lucent Technologies

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