To much memory allocated in _Objects_Extend_information()?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jul 18 11:52:28 UTC 2005

John Alexandersson wrote:
> CJ> Have you read the Unlimited.txt file in the score/src directory ?
> I have now... :)
> ...and suddenly it all starts to make sense, kind-of.
> (I still need some time to fully digest it, but the overall idea seems
> reasonably clear now.)


> One more question appeared, though.
> In Unlimited.txt it says that this code was originally added to RTEMS
> v4.0.0.
> Just to make sure; the implementation hasn't changed in any
> significant way since v4.0.0, that makes this text obsolete?

You can view any changes in the code using the web interface to cvs. The 
link is on the RTEMS web page.

The code has changed. To find the original look in:

The change was in March 1999. The file was then split into separate 
files and moved to the cpukit.

  Chris Johns

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