BOOTP/DHCP and hostname

Alex Holeczy alex at
Fri Jun 3 13:42:31 UTC 2005

I am working on an RTEMS application where I am configuring the network 
interface to use BOOTP/DHCP to get the IP address for the system.

In order for a user application to connect to the system, I would like to 
specify the network hostname of the system and I would prefer not having 
to configure the DHCP daemon with this information.  This would allow the 
user application to connect to the system without knowing the IP or mac 

In the network configuration structure, there is an entry for the RTEMS 
application to provide a hostname.  It seems that this hostname is only 
used locally and does not get included in the bootp request packet.

Is there currently a way for an RTEMS application to provide the DNS 
server with its local hostname?

What would be the downsize of modifying the bootp request packet to include 
the host name option?


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