How to mask IRQ

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leonp at schrieb:
> On Tuesday, 31 בMay 2005 20:34, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
>>Would this be ok for your requirements?
> Thanks Thomas.
> 	Well, for my current project any of these solutions will be OK :-)
> 	But I think that this seems to be a high price to be paid for a simple 
> operation, such as masking of interrupt. These routines you mentioned are 
> relatively heavy, a lot of code.
> 	And it requires some significant redesign, as for now it simply will not 
> work: the BSP_remove_rtems_irq_handler() masks the SIU interrupt and stores 
> the "new" mask in the same ppc_chached_mask variable which is restored in the 
> handler after ISR return.
> 	Thus, any changes will be destroyed at the ISR exit.
> Am I correct?

Yes, you are right, some details must be carefully modified in the
current implementation to use the API from within interrupt context. And
you are right again, the existing calls are quite expensive. Do you have
any other recommendations to solve your requirements?

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