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when I got the infos right, SMC cards have a specific hardware interface
and physical data format, but they are using MSDOS FAT filesystem for
logical data organization. Therefore you might use the MSDOS filesystem
implementation available in RTEMS to do the FAT filesystem organization.

The only thing missing is a low level driver for SMC cards, which gets
sector access commands from the filesystem and translates them to
physical accesses to the SMC card. If the SMC card would implement some
sort if IDE/ATA command set, you might even use the ATA driver
availablee, but I do not think this is suitable for SMC.

So, where to start? Have a look at the "ramdisk" driver available in
RTEMS, this is qutie a simple block device driver working below the
MSDOS filesystem. This driver might document the calls needed in your
SMC block device driver.


Philippe Simons schrieb:
> Hi, been playing with rtems on my gp32 and all seems running fine...
> (I made a port of Another World, using multiple threads/semaphores and a
> user ISR for sound DMA)
> But I miss a main feature of the gp32, its smc card reader...
> I think, i could assemble all the doc/snipets to build a smc block
> driver, but where do I have to start with?
> I guess, only writing a bsp driver is not enough... what's missing to
> rtems, and what template could I use?
> Is there allready someone working on this?
> Philippe

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