Updating RTEMS FreeBSD network stack

Eric Norum norume at aps.anl.gov
Wed Jun 22 19:43:17 UTC 2005

Some time ago I began to port an up-to-date version of the FreeBSD 
network stack.  The big change was that I added sleep/wakeup process 
synchronization primitives to RTEMS to make it easier to port the 
FreeBSD code.  I also ported the full FreeBSD termios stack.   The 
latter change meant that every character driver had to be rewritten, 
but also meant that select()/poll() worked for network sockets and 
serial ports.  I ran out of time to complete this.   The 
network/termios code was running on a MC68360 system, though -- with a 
very cobbled-together build arrangement and*lots* of warnings from 
"header-hell" conflicts between newlib, FreeBSD kernel, FreeBSD user 
and RTEMS headers (types.h is the worst problem and the differences 
between malloc arguments in kernel and user space is another big 
headache).   I submitted all my changes to Joel some time ago.

Eric Norum <norume at aps.anl.gov>
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory
(630) 252-4793

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