PowerPC: new_exceptions status

Sergei Organov osv at topconrd.ru
Thu Jun 23 12:20:48 UTC 2005

leonp at plris.com writes:
> On Thursday, 23 в▒June 2005 15:00, Sergei Organov wrote:
> > > AFAIK, all ports which use the new_exception processing must use these
> > > new API functions. But I have used only PPC.
> > I always thought that RTEMS API functions are BSP-independent and their
> > names begin with rtems_/RTEMS_. So it looks like yet another PowerPC new
> > exception processing breakage/hack.
> OK, OK...:-)
> Your personal unlimited hate for the new_exception processing model is well 
> known...:-)))
> But this is what we have for today...:-)
> And it works!

Sure, and I didn't suggest not to use it, -- just answered direct question
about rtems_interrupt_catch() vs BSP_xxxx.

> BTW, IMHO, there is no ideal decision, except a pure dream...

It depends on the definition of "ideal". For the question at hands, I
don't see serious reason not to support the standard API though it's not
new_exceptions' fault that RTEMS interrupt management API is so poor.


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