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Ali Asgar Nasir wrote:
> Hi everyone...
> What are the API Extensions...how do i configure it...are they different
> from user extensions???In short, where can i find documentation for API
> extensions...There is a flag in the TCB called
> "do_post_task_switch_extension"...how do i set it???..using a task create
> extension or some other method....how do i connect my post task switch
> extension to the OS...

API extensions are not available to user level applications.  They are
the hooks provided by the SuperCore which are needed and used
to implement the Classic, POSIX, and ITRON APIs.

The API level User user extension for a context switch is run just
before the running thread's context is saved.

Why isn't that what you need in this case?

The "do_post_.." flag is used carefully by the APIs primarily
when POSIX and Classic API signal handlers are to be executed.

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