How to convert cdtest.exe to binary file?

Yanjun Luo yanjun.luo at
Tue Mar 15 01:47:12 UTC 2005

I have a simple question, how to convert a C++ elf to binary file.
I always use command like this:
arm-rtems-objcopy.exe -O binary --pad-to 0x20100000 ticker.exe ticker.bin

It works fine. Now I try to test C++, and find that if I use
arm-rtems-objcopy.exe -O binary --pad-to 0x20100000 cdtest.exe cdtest.bin

It generate a huge file, more than 500 mega-bytes binary file.

I never test C++, so does objcopy support ELF file generate by C++?
Or maybe I make some simple mistake?

Sorry, maybe this is really a very simple question, but I don't know it.
I have study GNU's documents about objcopy, have no result.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Yanjun Luo

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