multilib question

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Thu Nov 10 06:24:27 UTC 2005

Till Straumann wrote:
> I want to build gcc/newlib with the following variants:
> -mcpu=860 -soft-float
> -mcpu=603e -Dmpc8260
> -mcpu=604
> -mcpu=7400 -mabi=altivec -maltivec -mvrsave=yes
> -mcpu=7400 -mabi=altivec -maltivec -mvrsave=no
> -mcpu=7400 -mabi=altivec -mno-altivec
> how do I have to set the MULTILIB_xxx variables in 't-rtems' ?

Hi Till,

I asked a similar question a long time ago, and received
no answer, leading me to believe that it was not
possible to limit/change the multi lib variants.

I would be happy to discover my assumption was wrong!

Paul Whitfield

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