Procedure of creating image (ISO) file.

Mills, John M. Mills.J at
Wed Nov 16 14:13:44 UTC 2005

Sam -

I see no advantage in moving it to Linux if you already have a working
'build' tree in FreeBSD.

You should take this to FreeBSD's 'questions' list, or check the
'Handbook' at regarding making ISOs and burning CDs.

I would use 'mkisofs' to make an ISO file from a directory branch. At
worst, it should be a 'generic' build from the sources. I've used it
(and built it) for HP-UX, Linux, and Cygwin, but never had the occasion
on FreeBSD. The '-r' switch attempts to create "sane" ownership and
access permissions pn files within the ISO image. A good set of options
can be cross-readable from Mac-OS through MsWin to HP-UX, and other
*Nices along the way.

 - Mills

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Can anyone please tell me how to create image/iso file from RTEMS
The source is now located in FreeBSD 6.0 system enviornment. I wonder
to create a RTEMS iso file from freebsd. I heard that RTEMS is derived
from Linux. Do I need to move RTEMS source to Linux (Redhat) before
building the image file?


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