Problems with gcc-4.0.1 libstdc++ and mvme5500

Phillip Sorensen pas37 at
Thu Nov 17 16:56:38 UTC 2005

Till Straumann wrote:

 > Phillip Sorensen wrote:
 >> I have been trying to get cexp-1.5/RTEMS-GeSys_2.1.beta running on 
the MVME5500 with rtems-
 > How recent is your CVS checkout? I had similar problems and found 
that the linker
 > script was broken. A few days ago, I committed some changes that let 
mvme5500 use the
 > script from the 'shared' area which seems to be working.

Checking out the latest software solved the main problem.  The only 
problem is that the iostream sample know fails to build as part of the 
normal RTEMS build, but I can get it to build later by adding -lstdc++ 
to the build.


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