mvme2600 netdemo: "

rtwas rtwas at
Sun Oct 2 04:17:36 UTC 2005


I'm still trying to get "netdemo" to work.

Till made me aware that "RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH" in 
"networkconfig.h" should
be defined with something like "rtems_dec21140_network_driver_attach".

I get....

In file included from init.c:47:
../networkconfig.h:71: `rtems_dec21140_network_driver_attach' undeclared 
here (not in a function)
../networkconfig.h:71: initializer element is not constant
../networkconfig.h:71: (near initialization for `netdriver_config.attach')
make: *** [o-optimize/init.o] Error 1

I tried it with all caps and I get the same thing.

I did a search in the powerpc tree, and could not find anything 
resembling a macro for this function.

Please help. Thanks.

Robert W.

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