RTEMS LPC229x port

Evgeny Belyanco esp1 at kbkcc.ru
Tue Oct 18 19:45:27 UTC 2005


Olimex produce very nice board


* MCU: LPC2294 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI with 256K Bytes Program Flash,
  up to 60MHz operation
* 1MB (256Kx32bit) 12 ns 71V416 SRAM
* 4MB (512Kx16bit) 70ns TE28F320C3BD70 C3 INTEL FLASH
* Ethernet controller with CS8900A and RJ45 connector

Price is ~170 USD.

I think, this board is one of the best way to evaluate RTEMS in real
application (as I understand, 1M SRAM is enough for RTEMS, IP stack
with BSD Sockets and simple application).

Is is BSP for Philips LPC 229x available now?

I have absolutely no skill with RTEMS, and I am afraid, that writhing my
own port for RTEMS will be difficult.

Evgeny Belyanko
Chief Designer KB KCC
* E-mail: ea at kbkcc.ru
* Phone (cel.): +7 901 510 9046
* Moscow, Russia

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