Customized RTEMS + Eclipse

Fabrício de Novaes Kucinskis (DEA) fabricio at
Thu Oct 20 15:37:04 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Does someone use Eclipse here?

After analyse some options people here gave me I chose Eclipse with
Gaisler's plugin as my IDE.

Now I'm trying to use it to create programs to an ERC32 Tharsys development
board. My idea is to create a simple application inside Eclipse, run it in
the board, show to the boss, and then try TSIM.

When I install the plugin and RCC (the GCC compiler with RTEMS, from
Gaisler), everything works fine. I can compile a "hello_world" program

My problem is that I have to use a customized version of RTEMS, with a patch
to allow the OS to run in the board - the patch prevents a debug monitor to
overwrite the RTEMS' Trap Table (this was the reason for a previous post of
mine, answered by Jiri Gaisler - thanks again for that!).

To use my RTEMS build (the one patched), I created a directory structure
under /opt/rtems-4.6 equal to the RCC's structure, but with the RTEMS
libraries I built instead of the ones which came with RCC.

Inside Eclipse the compiler is found, but not the include files like
"rtems.h" and "bsp.h". My doubt is that if they're exactly in the same place
as they are in RCC instalation, so why these files are not found? There's
something more to do that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,

Fabrício de Novaes Kucinskis - DEA / INPE
Divisão de Eletrônica Aeroespacial
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais

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