Too many tool versions, all different

Peter Dufault dufault at
Mon Oct 24 12:32:56 UTC 2005

It's really confusing trying to figure out what tools to use.

I'm trying to setup a Solaris 10 system for a client for,  
including all source for development.

1. The tool versions in 
TOOLVERSIONS don't match the tool versions in FTP:// 

2. pub/solaris/rtems-4.7 has other versions, and is from 1 year ago  
June, so that's no where to look;

3. pub/snapshots doesn't even have in it;

4. Looking at a posting from Joel on September 14 it appears I should  
look way down in pub/rtems/linux/redhat/7.3/i386/rpms/rtems-4.7/ 
SOURCES, but I don't see anything there that would get me to the list  
in his email.  For example, the email says "rtems-4.7-autoconf- 
rtems-2.59-4" which I take to be autoconf 2.59 with four RTEMS  
patches, but I only see a single 2.59 patch in there.


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