mvme2600 netdemo: "

rtwas rtwas at
Fri Oct 14 09:09:04 UTC 2005


Till Straumann wrote:

> I believe it should work.
> You only need a interrupt routing table to correct
> mistakes of the firmware. 

Is it assumed that the end user (me) should understand how to do this?

> Ideally, the firmware should
> initialize/configure all PCI devices. Usually, firmwares
> have problems with PCI-PCI bridges and configuring
> devices behind them  (read PCI-extenders, PMC
> cards with bridges, ...). That's when the routing table
> helps (or in the unlikely case that the firmware screws
> up configuring on-board devices).

The reason I'm asserting that interrupts are to blame is based on Joel's 
post to
that effect. So if that is not really the issue I'm back to square one.

Are you able to help with this further? Should I send you my build files 
and dumps?


Robert W.

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