mvme23xx broken on rtems-4.6.5

Till Straumann strauman at
Mon Oct 17 18:13:48 UTC 2005

Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
> Till Straumann wrote:
>> Don't know all the details yet. Board just hangs during early
>> boot (bsp_start() before any messages are printed).
> What was the last 4.6 version you know worked?


There has been a change in libcpu/powerpc/mpc6xx  (raw exceptions)
that brakes things. The modification (indirectly) checks
the cpu table's 'exception in RAM' flag and therefore this flag
must be set earlier in bsp_start() than it used to be.

there is an #ifdef mvme2100 in libbsp/powerpc/shared/bspstart.c
which does exactly that (set the flag at an early stage).

If I move the relevant line out of #ifdef mvme2100 then the
board starts up but only 4-5 (don't remember exactly) of the
'hello world test' characters are printed. Still investigating

> The only PowerPC BSPs changes between 4.6.4

had not tested with 4.6.4

> and 4.6.5 were yours
> to the irq code to disable the FPU during ISRs and Thomas' modifications
> to the mbx8xx which have NO impact on the motorola_powerpc BSPs.
> What tools are you using?

same as for 4.6.2, gcc-3.2.3, newlib 1.11, binutils-

>> -- Till
> --joel

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