Getting C++ to work on ARM

Yanjun Luo yanjun.luo at
Fri Oct 21 15:33:32 UTC 2005

> I'm trying to run a C++ program on ARM. I suspect C++ has never worked on
ARM in
> RTEMS, but I'm not positive. I'm using a fairly recent checkout of the CVS
> (about 2 weeks old).  I've tested this on Coldfire and it works fine, so
> pretty sure the problem lies within the ARM specfic code.
> I'm running the iostream sample program on ARM, and it crashes. It dies
> somewhere within
> std::cout << "\n\n*** HELLO WORLD TEST ***" << std::endl;
> From what I can tell _M_streambuf within the output stream is never
getting set,
> so later when something is sent to the stream, a NULL pointer get
> and BOOM!
> Can anyone give me any pointers to how to start debugging this?

I think maybe it's not the problem of the ARM, I have test cxxbasic on my
board, it's ok. I rememer that if I generate binary file for c++, it always
fails, but elf file is ok.

I'm not fimiliar with C++, hope this helpful.

Yanjun Luo

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