_Watchdog_Insert loops infinitely

leonp at plris.com leonp at plris.com
Tue Sep 13 16:58:43 UTC 2005

Hello, all.

I run into the following very strange problem:

Application runs for about half an hour without a problem. But then it stops 
functioning (no communications and processing). 
I break into it via the BDM (MPC860) and see that it loops infinitely in the 
_Watchdog_Insert function on the file 
.../cpukit/score/src/watchdoginsert.c in the

for ( after = _Watchdog_First( header ) ;
        after = _Watchdog_Next( after ) ) {

loop. This routine is called by  _TOD_Tickle(), which is called by 
_Watchdog_Tickle(), which is called by rtems_clock_tick(), which is finally 
called by Clock_isr().

The RTEMS version is rather old - rtems-ss-20030703. Host is Linux, the tool 
kit is that of the rtems release.

Any help/hint will be highly appreciated.


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