Call for SPARCengine 1e BSP

Jiri Gaisler jiri at
Wed Sep 7 23:10:42 UTC 2005

This particular fpga (xc3s500) is slightly too small
for a full leon3 system. We provide a custom leon3
board with xc3s1500 for $750 :

but there are other boards from Avnet and Nuhorizon for around $500.


Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Wed, September 7, 2005 5:02 pm, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
>>If you really want some cheap SPARC hardware,
>>why not get a low-cost FPGA board (~ $500) and
>>put a LEON3 on it.
> Xilinx has a new board coming out in the next couple of months which is
> only US$150, but has 32Mbit Parallel Flash, 8Mbit SPI Flash, 32MByte DDR
> SDRAM, Ethernet 10/100 Phy, USB2.0 Phy+Controller, 9-pin RS-232 Serial
> Port, PS/2- style mouse/keyboard port, various switches and lights, and a
> 2 Line LCD.
> Might make a nice LEON3 development platform if the design fits that device.
> -- Chris Caudle
> .

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