Math Functions Error

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Sep 14 01:15:18 UTC 2005

Further to Joel's post about the lack of -lm on the command line ....

Mike Bertosh wrote:
> m68k-rtems4.7-gcc --pipe -B/opt/rtems/rtems-4.7/bin/m68k-rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/ -
> specs bsp_specs -qrtems   -g -Wall  -O4 -fomit-frame-pointer -g    -m528x       -
> m5200  -qnolinkcmds -o o-optimize/ax5235.nxe  o-optimize/ramprog.o o-

... you have -m528x and -m5200 yet you compiled only with -m528x. I am 
not sure which one will be used by the linker to select the correct 
libraries but it may be the last one, ie -m5200. It will not make a big 
difference for this device but it would be a good idea to only have the 
processor variant you want on the command line in case it did.

> optimize/dioconfg.o o-optimize/channel3.o o-optimize/spddrive.o o-optimize/strings.o 
> o-optimize/io.o o-optimize/interupt.o o-optimize/delay.o o-optimize/eeprom.o o-
> optimize/encoder.o o-optimize/commands.o o-optimize/queues.o o-optimize/normal.o 
> o-optimize/startamx.o  o-optimize/eecode2.o o-optimize/eepromio.o o-
> optimize/tempsens.o /opt/rtems/rtems-4.7/bin/m68k-rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/no-
> dpmem.rel /opt/rtems/rtems-4.7/bin/m68k-rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/no-msg.rel 
> /opt/rtems/rtems-4.7/bin/m68k-rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/no-mp.rel /opt/rtems/rtems-
> 4.7/bin/m68k-rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/no-part.rel /opt/rtems/rtems-4.7/bin/m68k-
> rtems4.7/mcf5235/lib/no-signal.rel      -Wl,-Tlinkcmds
  Chris Johns

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