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Wed Sep 14 22:22:57 UTC 2005

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>> How do I find the status of
>> filesystem/649
>> ATA driver hangs on initialisation with No primary IDE
> and view the PR.
> On this one, no one has provided any feedback in GNATS.
> I remember discussions on the mailing list.  Do you remember
> if any suggestions on what to try or what was happening
> were made?  It would be nice at least to get URLs to these
> discussions in the PR.
The start of the my identification of this problem is

The system hangs if there is no primary master IDE. This becomes a 
problem with me working on a PC104 system that has a compact flash card 
that plugs into the Secondary master. I can't continue working with this 
module while this bug is still there.

Once this gets sorted (and I finish my thesis -- hopefully this year), I 
can get to work on getting the ethernet working and then the sound card 
(I already have RTEMS drivers that need to be tested).

The IDE, however, is the greatest problem. Until that is sorted, I am 
unable to continue working with this system.
> If you have a solution in your back pocket, it would be
> welcomed. :)
I know what was happening, however, i don't have any solution

I would also like to get this going because the vendor I got the system 
from deals a lot with PC104 systems and is interested in RTEMS from what 
I have shown him with the DIMPC; however, until he sees it running on a 
system that he sells out of the box, it will be hard to convert him to 

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