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Tue Sep 20 04:32:23 UTC 2005

Thomas Doerfler (nt) wrote:

>>If that means while configuring RTEMS proper, that is the wrong place to do 
>>Joel has stated multiple times that the eventual goal is to provide RTEMS 
>>binaries that can be linked to applications, and it makes no sense at all to 
>>have multiple binaries that differ only in which ATA devices are expected to 
>>be present.
>>The configuration should either be when the application is built, or at run 
>>time based on initialization parameters passed to the ATA driver.
> Hm, so let me remind you, what is handled with this configuration: With
> these configuration items you will specify, which IDE controller(s) are
> present and used in the hardware you are using. Surely you can have very
> similar PCs which differ only in the way the IDE channels are
> equipped/used. But if you look at two PCs which differ in the harddisk
> configuration, you may also find that they have different network
> interface cards etc, in which case you will have to use (slightly)
> different BSPs again.
> Once again, if anybody has an autodetect solution for the IDE driver,
> please feel free to implement it in the RTEMS driver. I personally have
> no idea how it can be implemented, I have currently no time to
> investigate on this matter and I am glad that the problems Angelo has
> detected are solved.

I am quite happy having it as a config option. The reality for me is 
that I am using an embedded system which is very unlikely to change IDE 
channels. Also, having an IDE try to autodetect will take more time on 
startup, which I definitely do not want. If we had options in the config 

--disble-primary_ide --enable-secondary_ide

that would be more than acceptable in my opinion.
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