Network problem - header checksum error -

Steve Hunt hunt at
Fri Apr 14 12:44:13 UTC 2006

I am having a problem getting rtems to run.  I can boot my application
on my pc104 with rtk8139 network chip using pxe boot and grub.

However once my application is running (and is therefore now using the
rtems network stack not the pxe or grub networking) any packets sent
from my system seem to have incorrect header checksum.

For instance a ping to the device reports no replies - but ethereal
'sniffer' shows the reply packet arriving - but with corrupt header

Has anyone seen similar problems?  Where is the checksum calculated?

I do notice that the reply packet has don't fragment set to true (0x40)
just like the request packet - but other devices seem to set it to zero.
This may not be important.
I am running rtems and a realtek 8139 driver written by Bill
Paul/ A. Verardo - dated 7 Nov 2003.

Thanks in Advance
Steve Hunt

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