Problems building RTEMS for M68k in CYGWIN environment

Chris Welch cwelch at
Sat Apr 22 17:20:35 UTC 2006

Watch out for definitions for the Microchip tools as well.  I got badly
burned with very strange make errors that took a couple of days to isolate
to the definitions set up for Microchip tools.  

I believe you'll find them if you search for anything with MCC in your
environment variables.

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Cygwin sometimes inherits environment variables from Windows that are 
to Visual Studio and confuse GCC.  Do a "env" command and look for variables
like CC, LIBS, etc that are set.

But you need to also make sure you can compile and run a native hello world.
That's what appears to have failed.  Look in config.log for details.


Swain, Mark T wrote:

>Hello all,
>Please forgive the ignorant questions but I'm a "newbie" to RTEMS and
trying to get past the learning curve. At this point I'm just trying to
install rtems 4.6.5 for a m68k target (actually its a M68377, CPU32 based)
and a gen68340 BSP. The host I'm using is a Windows XP machine running
>I've been following the instructions as detailed in the "Getting Started
with RTEMS" documentation and all has went as planned until now. I'm having
problems with the actual building of RTEMS (Chapter 5). Specifically the
problem appears to be when I attempt to configure the environment. The
configure command I'm executing looks like the following:
>../rtems-4.6.5/configure --target=m68k-rtems --enable-rtembsp=gen68340
>That resulted in the checking of several prereqs but fails at the gcc check
with the following error:
>checking for i686-pc-cygwin-gcc.... no
>checking for gcc... gcc
>checking for C compile default output file name... configure: error: C
compiler cannot create executables
>See 'config.log' for more details
>configure: error: /bin/sh '../../../rtems-4.6.5/tools/build/configure'
failed for tools/build
>I can't find any relavant info in the config.log file. I don't understand
the error. Is RTEMS looking for gcc and can't find it? I checked the path
and it appears to point to the correct locations. Any ideas???
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