Symbolic, Source-level Debugging with RTEMS- on Virtex-4

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Fri Dec 22 14:45:17 UTC 2006

Okay, I've got the tools built and installed, Virtex-4 patches applied,
RTEMS built and installed, and the hello_world_c built. Now what do I do?

Specifically, how do I get a debugger up and running? The Xilinx
Platform Studio (XPS) provides an Insight/GDB debugger, and it provides
the "Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger", or XMD. Here's what I have found.

   1. The Xilinx-documented approach is to start XMD from within XPS.
      According to Xilinx, "now XMD is connected to PowerPC and has
      started the GNU debugger (GDB) server port 1234 for source level
      debugging using the GDB console."
   2. Again from within XPS, start the GDB (powerpc-eabi-gdb) Console.

At this point, you can connect GDB to XMD’s GDB server TCP port 1234 and
debug programs locally (hostname=localhost) or remotely (hostname = IP

This all works fine for programs built with the Xilinx-provided GCC
tools. However, when I try to debug the RTEMS hello_world_c demo
program, I run into a number of issues:

   1. First, the output directory contains several files; I'm not sure
      what they are, but I believe the hello.srec is just the Motorola S
      records, and the hello.exe is actually an .elf file. Is that right?
   2. The XMD shell can download and execute the hello.exe file ("dow
      hello.exe", then "run"), but this is not particularly useful.
      We're talking about a simple monitor here.
   3. The Insight/GDB can load and execute the .srec file, but obviously
      knows nothing about symbols.
   4. Attempting to load the hello.exe in Insight/GDB causes a stackdump
      (attached, though probably not useful)..

Oh, the GDB included with the Xilinx tools is GDB 5.3, while the RTEMS
version I have installed is 6.4. I'm guessing I'll need to deal with
another version of Insight?

Has somebody gotten this working? Can anyone point me in the correct
direction? I'm certainly happy to document this all on the Wiki in
exchange for any help...

Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and enjoy the holidays!
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