Tool Installation for 4.7?

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Tue Dec 19 12:38:04 UTC 2006

Thanks Mick, I'll try those.  BTW, I assume you mean the .diff are
patches that need to be applied, right?  For example, I need to patch
gcc-4.1.1 with the file gcc-core-4.1.1-rtems-20060720.diff.

FWIW, I attempted to install the msys tools, but they didn't seem to
work.  Because I'm developing for the Xilinx Virtex-4  FPGA with
embedded PowerPC, and they provide a Cygwin-based setup, I decided to
stick with Cygwin.  Plus, I'm comfortable with it already.

Of course, if I could have gotten the Xilinx USB programming cable to
work under Linux...


Mick Davis wrote:
> We converted over to msys for, but the tool versions we use
> (from source in our case) should be the same.  For our coldfire target
> they were:
> automake-1.9.6
> autoconf-2.60
> binutils-2.17 (binutils-2.17-rtems-20060711.diff)
> gcc-4.1.1 (gcc-core-4.1.1-rtems-20060720.diff)
> newlib-1.14.0 (newlib-1.14.0-rtems-20060707.diff)
> Robert S. Grimes wrote:
>> Got some questions regarding the correct tools to install for 4.7
>> branch.  According to the rtems-4.7/index.html, they are
>>   gcc 4.0.1
>>   gdb 6.3
>> The "Getting Started..." manual says:
>>   gcc- [blank]
>>   binutils-2.16.1
>>   newlib- [blank]
>> No mention in either place about newlib.
>> Couldn't find anything relevant in mailing list archives.
>> BTW, I'm trying to install on Cygwin, so RPMs are out.
>> Thanks!
>> -Bob
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