Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- diff attached

John Mills johnmills at speakeasy.net
Wed Dec 20 17:02:47 UTC 2006

Robert -

Have your tried wrapping the file's contents with an #ifndef / #endif, 

#ifndef XILEMAC_H
#define XILEMAC_H

<.. current contents of file ..>


I would have been surprised _not_ to find that construct being used for
files being '#include'd. It makes your source tree less sensitive to
inclusion dependency loops.

That said, you may have a problem with the 'include' search path in the 

 - John Mills
   john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006, Robert S. Grimes wrote:

> Yes,
> It looks like $SOURCEDIR/c/src/libchip/network/xilemac.h (only xilemac.h
> I was able to find in source tree) is not making it into
> $BUILDIDR/powerpc-rtems/gen405/lib/include/libchip. 
> I attempted to fix that by copying the file.  However, when I did that,
> I got a problem about infinite include nesting; seems the file was
> including itself?  Perhaps I am confused, but there is an include
> directive in xilemac.h like this
> #include <libchip/xilemac.h>
> If I comment that out, the infinite nesting problem goes away, but is
> replaced by these
> In file included from ../../../../.././gen405/lib/include/bsp.h:73,
>                  from
> ../../../../../../../rtems-
> ../../../../.././gen405/lib/include/libchip/xilemac.h:234: error:
> 'NUM_XILEMAC_UNITS' undeclared here (not in a function)
 < etc,etc >

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